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  • 果博东方代理合作Putin orders new cabinet to draft guidelines to enforce Russia's development plans

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    "The Government must promptly draft and approve the main guidelines for its activities and key projects in accordance with the May 2018 Executive Order on National Goals and Strategic Objectives of the Russian Federation through to 2014," a Kremlin statement cited the president's remarks at his first meeting with the new cabinet.

    Putin signed decrees appointing members of the new government on May 18.

    The president demanded that the government develop a "clear and understandable mechanism" to carry out plans outlined in the decree by Oct. 1, 2018, according to the statement.

    The decrees on Russia's six-year plans for top priorities of national development are also known as the "May decrees", as the last such decree was also signed by Putin in May six years ago at the start of his previous presidential term.

    Russian President Vladimir Putin takes the oath of office at an inauguration ceremony held at the Kremlin in Moscow, Russia on May 7, 2018. (SPUTNIK PHOTO)

    In order to ensure the implementation of the development plans, Putin underlined that the cabinet should establish close coordination with regional management teams, civil society entities and political parties.

    On May 7, Putin signed a decree for Russia's roadmap of strategic development that sets targets of the national development in a wide range of spheres up to 2024, including improving economic growth and speeding up technology development.

    It should also adhere to "maximum openness" so that the public can understand the actions of the government, which will in turn contribute to the success of the latter, he added.

    MOSCOW, May 26 (Xinhua) -- Russian President Vladimir Putin tasked the newly formed government to develop an efficient mechanism to implement the decree on Russia's goals of strategic development until 2024 signed earlier this month, the Kremlin said Saturday.